is tresemme cruelty-free

Is TRESemmé Cruelty-Free?

As we continue in our research, we’ve come across the question: “Is TRESemmé cruelty-free?” Our answer is a simple one: Absolutely. Unlike other renowned hair care brands, TRESemmé is considered 100% cruelty-free.

None of TRESemmé ’s products (or ingredients) have been tested on animals. This has been the case since 2021 PETA proudly welcomed TRESemmé into the cruelty-free fold.

Before the official 2021 announcement, TRESemmé soft-launched their cruelty-free bid in 2018 when their parent company, Unilever, banned all animal tests that weren’t required by law.

From then on, they were on PETA’s “Working for Regulatory Change” company list. We’ll be diving more into TRESemmé ’s PETA certification, among potentially other 3rd-party certifications.

Furthermore, we’ll address whether TRESemmé is vegan (remember, cruelty-free does not automatically equal vegan) and how good the product is for your hair. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Is TRESemmé Tested On Animals?

No, TRESemmé is not tested on animals. A quick dive into their history tells us that TRESemmé may have participated in animal testing after Unilever’s 2018 move, but only in countries where it was required.

From at least 2018 onwards, TRESemmé and Unilever actively worked with PETA to find alternatives to standard animal tests. By 2021, TRESemmé had wholly phased out animal testing in both its ingredients and production processes.

Is TRESemmé Vegan?

No, TRESemmé is not a vegan hair care brand. Several of its ingredients are animal-derived, including keratin and collagen, which are by-products. However, TRESemmé is completely transparent about sourcing its ingredients.

They claim that their ingredients that are animal-derived come from “sustainable animal husbandry.” As we mentioned previously, TRESemmé is a cruelty-free brand, but not a vegan one.

There is no real correlation between a brand being cruelty-free and a brand being vegan. A brand that is considered to be “vegan” or “vegan-friendly” doesn’t use animal-derived ingredients. Meanwhile, a cruelty-free brand doesn’t test on animals in pre- and post-production.

Is TRESemmé PETA Certified?

Yes, TRESemmé is PETA certified. TRESemmé has been PETA certified since early 2021. Before becoming PETA-approved, TRESemmé would conduct animal tests in countries where it was required by law.

The company maintains, however, that it continued to work with the country’s governments to find animal testing alternatives throughout fulfilling legal obligations. The company no longer sells its products in countries that require animal testing.

Is TRESemmé Leaping Bunny Certified?

No, TRESemmé does not seem to be Leaping Bunny certified. The company does not appear on its 2022 Recommitment List. By the same extension Unilever, TRESemmé ’s parent company, is not featured either.

Neither TRESemmé  nor Unilever are promoted in Leaping Bunny’s “Compassionate Shopping Guide.” Now, let’s not raise too much alarm, folks! This doesn’t mean that TRESemmé  lacks the qualifications addressed in Leaping Bunny’s “The Corporate Standard of Compassion For Animals.”

In truth, TRESemmé and Unilever may have just considered PETA’s seal of approval as sufficient for being acknowledged as cruelty-free. Not all PETA-approved companies seek out third-party certifications. 

We’ll be honest here: it would be nice. Unfortunately, third-party approval isn’t necessary. Nothing changes on the cruelty-free front for TRESemmé by opting out of additional certifications. The brand simply will not be able to use the famous Leaping Bunny logo on its products.

Is TRESemmé Good For Your Hair?

Whether TRESemmé is “good” for your hair depends entirely on your individual hair type, needs, and preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Potential benefits:

  • Affordability: TRESemmé is known for its budget-friendly price point, making it accessible for many users.
  • Variety: They offer a wide range of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products for various hair types and concerns.
  • Positive Reviews: Many users report good experiences with TRESemmé products, praising their effectiveness and affordability.

Potential drawbacks:

  • Ingredients: Some TRESemmé products contain sulfates, silicones, and other potentially harsh chemicals that may not be suitable for all hair types or sensitive scalps.
  • Not Vegan: Most TRESemmé products contain animal-derived ingredients, making them unsuitable for those following a vegan lifestyle.
  • Individual Variability: What works for one person may not work for another. Individual hair needs and sensitivities can significantly influence the effectiveness and potential downsides of using TRESemmé.

Alternatives to consider:

If ethical concerns or specific ingredient preferences steer you away from TRESemmé, numerous cruelty-free brands offer similar options:

Ultimately, the decision of whether TRESemmé is “good” for your hair is personal. Consider your priorities, research ingredients, and potential downsides, and explore alternative options to find the best fit for your unique hair and ethical values.

Remember, healthy hair goes beyond just the products you use. A balanced diet, proper hydration, and good hair care practices like gentle brushing and heat styling moderation can also contribute to beautiful and healthy locks.

Final Thoughts: Is TRESemmé Cruelty-Free?

At a glance, it is safe to say that TRESemmé is totally cruelty-free. It is even better that their parent company is just as dedicated to cruelty-free practices.

Although TRESemmé is not Leaping Bunny certified, they are backed enthusiastically by PETA. When it comes to cruelty-free brands, not all of them seek out certifications from multiple third-party organizations.

TRESemmé has been vocal about its stance against animal testing. Furthermore, several sites dedicated to ethical beauty practices have validated the brand’s cruelty-free approach.

It is refreshing , to say the least. There’s no need to hold our breaths anymore about TRESemmé. America’s #4 hair care brand is verified cruelty-free.

Now, while TRESemmé is cruelty-free, determining whether to use TRESemmé rests on your personal values and priorities. Consider the complexities, weigh your priorities, research, and explore alternatives.

Remember, your choices and actions have the power to shape a more ethical and compassionate future. By choosing cruelty-free brands, you can make a difference for both healthy hair and animal welfare.

Thanks a bunch for sticking around until the end of this article. Feel free to check out the next article in the series: “Is TRESemmé Shampoo Chemical-Free?“ Until next time, folks!